Vibatan® masterbatches


Agriculture is an industry in continuous evolution which creates requests and needs which are getting more and more specific on the part of farmers and manufacturers of plastic goods. Many years of experience in this industry make VIBA products differ from the market standards and suitable to meet any kind of specific requirement aimed at the protection of crops.


In recent years the production of flexible packaging has grown remarkably showing a strong growth trend due to the fact that many products, which were once sold unpackaged, are nowadays being offered packaged by large retailers.


In the past decades rigid packaging has shown serious growth and has good possibilities of further growth since in many instances the logical choice is for rigid plastic packaging, whose mean weight is constantly being reduced


VIBA has a wide range of Masterbatches specifically made for goods produced by extrusion. Extruded goods are characterized by different thicknesses: very thick for tubes or sheets, very thin for woven non woven and raffia.


This is the industry in which VIBA’s creativity can stretch at it maximum in the infinite variety of colour shades, special effects and additive features, all in wide variety of polymers. For this industry in constant evolution we avail ourselves of an extremely wide range of products which can give an assured result to each requirement.


The possibility of making finished products from plastic resins in different hollow shapes has had an incredible growth since the 40’s with the introduction of Polyethylene and the subsequent ease in producing swiftly and in a large scale goods of everyday use such as bottles and containers.


Biodegradable polymers have been subject to intense research since there has been a pressing demand to have new materials available as an alternative to plastics with a high environmental impact. These originate from renewable nonpolluting raw materials and are characterized by a short decay period in which they revert to natural elements.


VIBA offers a wide range of VIBATAN® for WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) suitable for the colouring and additivating of polymers with wood flour filler on HDPE, PP and PVC base.