For more than 50 years excellent quality products and tailor-made solutions

VIBA is well known for its considerable attention to innovation and market requirements. Offering excellent quality products and tailor-made solutions has been our commitment for more than 50 years.

The group companies make up a mass of firms leaders in the manufacturing of Masterbatches for thermoplastic polymers, contributing to make the VIBATAN® Trademark well known and appreciated worldwide.

The strategy is that of placing the client at the center of our attention guaranteeing our fullest commitment to satisfying his most diverse requirements. In order to pursue these objectives we avail ourselves of an excellent R&D, staffed by experienced people, supported by state of the art equipment and in constant collaboration with the main research entities both national and international.

VIBA is located in Tradate, Varese province, and was founded in February 1973, its main focus to provide technical and qualitative solutions to the domestic thermoplastic polymer transformation industry, guaranteeing a service of excellence via the production of a wide range of White, Black, Coloured and Additive Masterbatches sold under the VIBATAN® Trademark.

Today VIBA has 2 production sites with a total capacity of approximately 40,000 Tons per year and 3 commercial entities in Europe and Asia to develop synergies with clients and suppliers both domestic and international.
The flexibility in production and the geographical position of the Italian Headquarters render this site strategic. Around 50% of its production is exported to 80 different countries each year.

Industrial Quimica VIBA Iberica S.L.

This is a production and commercial unit founded in 1994 in the industrial park of Santa Perpetua de la Mogoda (Barcelona) in order to optimize the just in time requests of the Iberian and north European market.
Its production is approximately 2,000 Tons per year and its laboratory is in real time contact with the central laboratory of Tradate.
This well established entity distributes locally produced Colour Masterbatches as well as a diverse range of Whites, Blacks and Additives.


In 2006 VIBA and its Dutch partner W&R Plastics B.V. teamed up to form VIBA EASTERN EUROPE in Gyor, Hungary.
This new commercial entity is focused on optimizing the distribution of the whole VIBATAN® Masterbatch range in Eastern Europe, where the VIBATAN® Trademark has been well known and appreciated for its quality.
On top of offering a constant collaboration to all its clients this new joint venture aims to support all those multinational companies which operate in the transformation of plastics, who due to strategic decisions, have relocated their facilities in Eastern European countries.


In 2005 VIBA starts a joint venture in Hong Kong with China Venture International (CVI) thus forming VIBA-CVI LTD whose objective is to produce and commercialize specific Masterbatches for the BOPP industry in China and Southern Asia.
The joint venture manufactures special additives offering a swift service to local industries availing itself of an avant-garde laboratory and 2 production sites, one in Hong Kong and the other in Port Klang, Malaysia.


For more than 50 years VIBA commits itself to:

  • Developing high quality products in order to fulfill and satisfy the requirements of our clients
  • Offering innovative and cutting edge solutions whilst maintaining focus to giving our clients the best possible solution available on the market
  • Intercepting and stimulating the dynamics of market demand with the aim of identifying products, services and novel uses


2 February 1973
Mr. James J. Ryan founds VIBA S.p.A.
The construction of the Tradate plant begins. The VIBATAN® products are born
First 90's
VIBA exports over 40% of its production
VIBA obtains the first Quality System Certification (ISO 9000)
Industrial Quimica VIBA IBERICA is born near Barcelona - Spain
The VIBA CVI Joint Venture is established in Hong Kong
VIBA EASTERN EUROPE is created with the Joint Venture between VIBA S.p.A. and W&R Plastics
The VIBA Quality management system is updated by obtaining a new Certification (ISO 9001:2008)


Environmental issues affect us more and more significantly and it is therefore becoming extremely important for companies to find solutions to these challenges as well.

Since its inception VIBA dutifully pursues an equilibrium between sustainability and business. This has led us to avail ourselves of certified suppliers and to eliminate from our production cycle those substances that may have adverse implications on human health and the environment. The European Norm REACH is our benchmark.

In order to reduce the costs related to energy consumption and in full respect of environmental protection, we have installed photovoltaic generators on the roofs of our Tradate factory with panels capable of producing every year the 25% of our company’s energy needs, thus considerably reducing (about 500 tons/year) the polluting CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Among the other initiatives undertaken by our company in this regard, it is worth mentioning the ‘free cooling’ system which by taking advantage of the seasonal cold temperature refrigerates cooling process waters, thus avoiding the use of chillers. No less important is the replacement of lighting points (more than 2000 within our company) with ‘LED’ technology, which provides better luminosity and significant energy savings.

VIBA has organized an internal recycling system and with our personnel we carry on a policy of energy saving and collection system.

We take pride in our environmental concern and in providing a healthy and safe workplace for our employees. Therefore we constantly act to manage our facilities responsibly and with full respect for the world we live in.


Reference Standard: ISO 9001:2015
Certificate N° : 042 (VIBA S.p.A.)
Certificate N° : 751 (Industrial Quimica Viba Iberica S.L.)

The identified risks are appropriately managed through actions pursued by the company through training, continuous improvement and the commitment of its Management.