Films for food packaging need special features to ensure that the packaged product is perfectly visible and perfectly preserved.

Once prepared, food is placed in its own packaging. However food products, due to a natural process, continue to release water vapour and sometimes even small amounts of carbon dioxide.

Water vapour spreads over the surface of the packaging and fogs it up, preventing the product inside from being properly seen. It also disproportionately accelerates the natural deterioration of food. All this obviously distances the purchaser from the possible purchase, to the detriment of the producer, the retailer and the purchaser himself, who is forced to make other brand and/or product choices, wasting time and risking taking home something that will be “undesirable”.

To overcome these problems, a special film is needed, the inner side of which forms the inside of the pack and has a special anti-fog layer that lowers the dew point and thus prevents the formation of condensation created by the transpiration of food.

The packaging film obviously needs to be enhanced and VIBA can offer its



expressly formulated for the production of polyethylene films used as food packaging.

The function of PE FOOD ANTIFOG 02682 is to prevent the formation of condensation of water droplets, and the product is perfectly effective in the same way in both cold and hot exposure conditions and from the very first moment, which is not so obvious. Many other products are characterised by milder anti-fog agents that migrate more slowly than VIBATAN 02682. For this reason, their effectiveness is weaker, easily giving rise to condensation, an annoying problem which does not occur when using PE FOOD ANTIFOG 02682 which

  • allows perfect transparency of the packaging
  • improves visual access to food content
  • helps to increase the shelf life of food.

The presence of the mineral filler helps to reduce the adherence of the film surfaces during the unwinding or the opening of the tubular film.

VIBATAN PE FOOD AF 02682 complies with several regulations for food packaging applications.

Further detailed information can be obtained from our Technical Department.