Plastics serve several important functions in our modern lives, in a variety of application areas.

Recently the Coronavirus crisis has hit us hard worldwide and we all feel the pressing need to have disposable plastic items always available, which give us that much needed sense of “extra security”.

In the medical field in particular, ensuring patient care is today the guiding principle, and disinfection and protection have become a very important issue.

Bacteria in fact, as well as fungi, germs and molds, nest on every material on which they can multiply very quickly. The presence of these undesirable microorganisms negatively influences the hygienic conditions of the product and can compromise the quality of the surface of the material with consequent early deterioration of the product, as well as causing allergic reactions.

Plastics do not have any protection system by nature and cannot therefore prevent this contamination.



On the matter VIBA can offer its




The addition this masterbatch prevents and stops the growth and propagation of microorganisms and keeps its efficacy even after numerous washes of the end-product, thanks to the release of small dosages of active substance on each washing cycle. The product works also as antiviral agent and confers to end products a reasonable protection against the proliferation of some types of CoronaVirus.

THE VIBATAN PE BACTERIOSTATIC A0150 has been expressly developed for the extrusion of mono and multilayer films, even having thin thickness, and above all for the production of medical disposable gloves in PE (in places like hospitals the presence of organic bacteriostatic additives is not always well accepted). The product is suitable also for polyolefine injection moulding.

Many are the advantages when using VIBATAN A0150 which:

  • confers active protection 24 hours a day /7 days a week
  • stops the formation of bad odors, minimizing the presence of stains and bacteria
  • increases product life
  • makes antimicrobial plastics perfect for use in critical environments, such as hospitals, food processing facilities and schools.

Antibacterial protection also makes a product considerably cleaner, which implies that the product is less likely to facilitate the transfer of harmful microbes to another surface or person.

VIBATAN PE BACTERIOSTATIC A0150 is food approved according to the American FDA and to the European regulation and is suitable if used in contact with foodstuff.