Scent is one of the most powerful selling tools.
For businesses across many sectors, getting the right fragrance can mean the difference between failure or success.

Fragrances are being increasingly used in plastic products to enhance their appeal and acceptability.

Nothing compares the positive impression we have when smelling a good scent.

Adding scent to a polymer is not a new technology. However, standard production techniques often produce disappointing results because the fragrance is destroyed by the high temperatures required during polymer processing.

VIBA can offer a wide range of resistant fragrances, requiring low dosages and thus making them a cost-effective, as well as appealing addition to products.


We have developed special masterbatches which can add fragrance to polymers and which perform at high temperatures without compromising the quality or function of products.

Our popular standard fragrance masterbatches include:

Lavender – code 5101920

Lemon – code 5101915

Orange – code 5102249

Strawberry – code 5101916

Pine – code 5102243

Vanilla – code 5102480

Chocolate – 5103341

Talc – code 5102247

and many many others.


We are also in the position to develop fragrances as per your requirements.

All of them are suitable for injection moulding and extrusion of polyolefin (PE, PP and EVA). They are colourless granules which therefore do not interfere with the colour of end-products.

Fragrances can be used to cover up the smell of resin in products and are

particularly aimed for those applications which need a nice scent: toys, artificial flowers, household items, moulded articles including decorations, marketing and promotional pieces.

These masterbatches can also be added to mask the undesirable odors associated with recycled polymers or in applications such as dust bin bags or household chemical containers, diaper bags, garbage bags, bin liners and hospital waste sacks.

A new and growing market area is adding fragrances to closures of shampoo, health and beauty products, laundry detergents for which consumers want to sample the scent, while manufacturers want to avoid product tampering.

Should you require any further information on the matter our Laboratory will be pleased to help you.