VIBATAN FLUORESCENT MASTERBATCHES have been produced by using special pigments which can give a high quality aesthetic effect.

All such masterbatches are suitable for many plastic resins, in particular for LDPE,HDPE, PP OMO and PP COPO, LLDPE + EVA, EVA and TPE and have many different final uses.

Let’s start considering those items which need to be fluorescent for our own safety: all those plastic inserts on work wear worn especially by people who work outside in construction yards, or plastic signs on rescue vehicles, to make them more visible.

Our fluorescent colours are also suggested for all those applications where aesthetic value is not less important than technical performance and where the attention of consumers needs to be very much attracted. Let’s think about cosmetics industry, electronic equipment, household appliances, and also to sport and leisure, in which the aesthetic effect often goes hand in hand with personal security. Take a look at the bike above!

Even the fashion industry has recently launched textile and plastic accessories in fluorescent colours and also in the coming seasons the “fluorescent” will be super trendy … acid green, hot strawberry, shocking yellow, punk orange. What bright colours! We’re not going unnoticed !!!

In any case for any further information You may require, our Technical Department is at Your complete disposal also to suggest You the exact dosage for any specific exigency.